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Being at the top of search engine results is a boon for any business. Getting there and staying there requires insight into search algorithms, an informed strategy, and a commitment to seeing that strategy through.

Not coincidentally, these are exactly the things we do really well at Ballyhoo Digital.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Put simply, it is the practice of optimizing a website so that it appears higher in search engine results for relevant search terms and phrases.

Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Siri, and pretty much all other search engines take into account hundreds of factors about a website or page when deciding how to rank it in their search results.

SEO is the review and adjustment of these factors in a way that is friendly to search algorithms, making sites and pages more valuable in the eyes of search engines.

How Important is Search?


of B2B Purchases Start with Search


of B2C Purchases Start with Search

Do I Need SEO?

Short answer? Probably. Unless your site is consistently at the top of the first page of search results for the most valuable search terms in your industry, you can benefit from SEO.

Companies big and small, national, regional, and local, all hire SEO experts as part of their marketing plans, to increase calls, quotes and sales, and to get a leg up on the competition.

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How We Do SEO

SEO was once very different than it is today. Not so long ago, a few reciprocal links with other sites and a liberal sprinkling of keywords on a page could get you ranked pretty well.

But search engines are constantly evolving, with an eye toward providing the best and most relevant results for their users. This means constant change for SEO too, so that formerly good practices can now actually hurt your rankings and traffic.

Things move pretty fast and good SEO companies have to keep up.

And that’s what we do. We stay on top of search engine news and stay ahead of the curve. We prepare for future algorithm changes by avoiding questionable tactics and focusing on quality work today. We are thorough in analysis and stalwart on strategy.

More specifically, we divide optimization into three distinct areas of focus, what we call The SEO Triumvirate:


SEO talk has been dominated in recent years by the phrase, “Content is King.” And for good reason. As search engines get smarter and better at understanding what websites are about, the importance of website content grows.


In the SEO context, content refers primarily to the actual text on your site, but also includes images, tags, and more.


The right content is the first big step toward targeting the most valuable searches and the site visitors who will make a purchase, contact you for a quote, or sign up for your newsletter.


Our comprehensive content review allows us to put together a strategy for updating your existing content as well as creating fresh, new content and disseminating it.

Technical/Structural Elements

These are the behind-the-scenes factors that your visitors won’t see but the search engines most certainly will. They include everything from structure on individual pages, to overall site architecture, to mobile and desktop performance, to site security and more.


We analyze your site for technical and structural red flags and work with you to implement changes that will improve your authority in the eyes of search engines, and ultimately help you rank better.

Link Profile

The value of a site is in part determined by which other sites have links to it. Google was built on this concept — that links equate to “votes” for a site — and its success led other search engines to include links in their algorithms.


But creating an effective link profile is more often than not a complicated process — links from just any site won’t do.


The best links are from sites that are themselves highly regarded by search engines, and the worst ones from spammy or low quality websites can be a constant drag on your rankings.


Having a good link profile is like having a nice lawn: it requires proactive effort as well as regular maintenance, both of which we do very well.

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