Ballyhoo Digital is a digital marketing company focused on helping our clients succeed in a fast-moving online world.

We have years of experience building successful digital campaigns — PPC, SEO, email, display, remarketing, and more — for businesses of all types and sizes.

We create messaging that works, reaching exactly the people you want to reach and drawing them in to become valued customers.

How we do it is what makes us different:

We Get a Kick Out of Marketing

This is Fun for Us

The saying goes, “Do what you love,” and boy do we love this. We love PPC, we love SEO, we love email. We love brainstorming ideas and testing. We love the smell of data in the morning; it smells like victory.

It truly is a lot of fun for us to do what we do for our clients. Each of our team members is wired to get a big kick out of not just being creative but analyzing data too. Seeing the numbers go up for our clients is like a triple shot of espresso. Invigorating!

We Share Your Excitement

We have never met a business we didn’t like, and we have experience in digital marketing for a LOT of industries. From real estate to auto finance to plumbing to storage solutions, from locally-owned small businesses to national organizations. The one thing in common with all of our success stories? The shared excitement of generating more business for our clients. When you’re successful, we’re successful.

Our Strict ‘No BS’ Policy

Let’s face it: there are snake oil salesmen in every industry, and digital marketing is no exception. Whenever there is a gap in knowledge, there will be people willing to fill it with poor information for a price.

The cornerstone of our business philosophy at Ballyhoo Digital is focus on the client. That means we give straightforward answers to questions and accurate information. Sure, we’re pretty confident about what we do but if for some reason we feel like we can’t help you, we’re going to save you some money and let you know.

We focus on solutions, not sales.

Get straight answers and good advice with a free marketing audit today.

Our Core Team

The People Who Make It Happen

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Michelle Etheridge
Opportunities & Efficiencies
Michelle is an opportunity seeker, meaning she is constantly looking out for new ways to help our clients be successful. As one of our top creative talents, she comes up with truly interesting and effective ways to get our clients' messages across.

Michelle is a lover of dogs and underdogs, and can usually be found in the vicinity of Marketing Canine Extraordinaire, Zinga.

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Scott Hicks
Owner / Chief Digital Strategist
Scott is a veteran digital marketer, helping national, regional, and local clients increase sales and revenues through creative and effective marketing. He has worked with clients in a wide range of industries, from auto finance to portable storage, from service trades to franchise consulting. Scott was also editor of the book The Franchise Formula, the definitive guide to search engine marketing success for franchise businesses.

When he's not neck-deep in marketing data or brainstorming with a legal pad, you can occasionally find Scott on a local stage with harmonica in hand.

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Security & Snacks
Zinga provides gentle (and not-so-gentle) reminders to the office about nutrition (snacks), ambulatory therapy (walks), and more nutrition (is it snack time yet?). She is also a staunch defender of the office against visible enemies such as the UPS driver and the mailman, as well as invisible enemies that only she sees.

When she is not on guard duty, you'll find Zinga in one of her beds scattered around the office, resting for the next threat.


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