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How to Be Successful in the World’s #1 Online Marketplace

If you want to sell online, you probably want to sell on Amazon. But there’s a pretty big difference between listing your products and making real sales.

In fact, we’ve worked with clients who’ve had Amazon seller accounts for years without having enough success to make it worth the effort.

To be successful, you have to have a plan, and the expertise to execute that plan. That’s where we come in.

What Does Amazon Expertise Look Like?

Actually, it looks a lot like expertise in other areas of digital marketing.

At its heart, Amazon is a search engine. And that means it has a search algorithm for deciding which determines the order that products show up in search.

What we do exceptionally well is optimize your Amazon presence so your products show up higher in results, resulting in more clicks and more sales.

This can include everything from writing new product headlines and copy, to professional product photography, to brand management, and more.

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How We Help Create Success

One of the challenging things – maybe the most challenging thing – about selling on Amazon is the steep learning curve.

If you have the resources and time to dedicate to learning not only how to set up your account but also your product listings, shipping options, and brand protection, plus discover best practices for optimizing for the greatest amount of traffic, the rewards can be great.

But we’ve been doing this for years and can provide a shortcut to those rewards. We’ve already done the experimenting. We know how to get around in the Amazon ecosystem, and what kinds of practices can get you de-listed or even banned. Our approach is tried and true.

Store Setup

We start with the very basics: account setup.


If you have an Amazon seller account already, we’ll go over it top to bottom to make sure it’s set up to provide the best returns and lowest fees for you. If you don’t have one, we can build one from the ground up.


Knowing how to handle taxes, shipping, and brand management are integral parts of our expertise, and we make sure that nothing slips through the cracks that could affect your standing with Amazon or your customers.


Plus, we stay on top of all changes that come down the line from Amazon (and they come pretty often!) to make sure you’re compliant and your performance exceeds their expectations.


Our product services go beyond just listing what you have for sale. We research your industry and competition on Amazon to provide recommendations for the types of products as well as pricing as positioning that give you the most chance of being successful.


Not only do we employ professional copywriters to capture the imaginations of would-be buyers, we also optimize for the most valuable searches, all while ensuring we don’t run afoul of Amazon’s regulations. We can also provide professional photography and videography to make your products leap off the screen.


Is advertising on Amazon strictly necessary? No.


Is it valuable? Heck yes.


Amazon ad campaigns are, if run properly, pretty inexpensive. Plus, they can provide valuable information on consumer search habits that just isn’t available anywhere else.


Even if advertising doesn’t work as a long-range plan, we recommend running ads at least long enough to gather data that can be used to feed into organic listings to promote higher click-through rates and more sales.

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