Google Assistant: The Next Frontier to Get New Customers

Google Assistant logo - How can I help?

I love voice recognition. It’s come an awfully long way and is now one of those things that make it seem like the future has arrived. Google Assistant is one of the latest uses of this awesome technology, and it’s poised to be huge.

In case you don’t know much about it, Google Assistant is, well, a digital assistant. You can access it through your phone (Android or iOS!), your Google Home device, your laptop, your car, your watch… you get the picture. It will do all sorts of things for you, from simple Google searches, to playing music and videos, to setting reminders. Check the video:

As more and more people use Google Assistant to perform tasks and look up information, the opportunity to get your business in front of more customers just grows and grows.

And it looks like Google wants to help you. Search Engine Journal reported yesterday that Google has been sending notices to site owners in certain industries – including podcast, recipe, and news publishers – with instructions on how to help their content become more “discoverable” for Google Assistant searches.

So far, it doesn’t seem like Google is sending these messages to everyone (mainly publishers) but this is something to get in front of so you can grab the market before your competition.

It also appears that Google is only targeting sites that are set up with Search Console, so keep an eye out on messages in the console or via email. (And if you haven’t set up Search Console, we need to talk!)

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